About Sai Tubes

About Sai Tubes :
Sai Tubes was commissioned in the year 2004 with the worlds most advanced technology and is one of its kinds in Punjab. Located at Mandi Govindgarh, Punjab the plant is equipped with the most sophisticated and automatic ERW tube manufacturing on machines. As an exclusive customer service, Sai Tubes also processes demands for customer built special pipes made to certified diameters and tolerances. The company is using steel billets/slabs being supplied by SAIL and TISCO as its basic raw material. The company has a capacity to produce 40,000 MT of steel per annum. Its capacity ranges from 15 to 100mm (1/2”, 4”) nominal bore tubes in thickness categories of light, medium and heavy series for black and galvanized pipes. These tubes are effectively used for conveying water, oil, gas steam and petroleum in outward and underground main lines. The company is certified by the Bureau of Indian standards.

The company’s major of operations are :
  • Manufacturing steel tubes
  • Pipe work engineering services
  • Setting up tube mill projects

In all areas of its operations, Sai Tubes lays emphasis on two primary factors :
  • Technology
  • Quality

Both have made Sai Tubes a name recognized and accepted.

Manufacturing Process :
The main plant consists of automatic tube mills producing pipes at high speed. Steel strip entering from one end of the mill passes through a set of driven forming and fin rolls, which transforms the strip into the required circular shape. At the electric welding station, the open seam pipe passes through a high frequency welder, which fuses together the edges of the strip by heating it to a plastic stage and ensuring a perfect weld. After the removal of the excess weld bead, the pipe passes through a set of sizing rolls where it is rolled to the correct outside diameter. The pipes are then machine cut to the required length, end faced and tested under hydraulic pressure. They are then galvanized and threaded on automatic machines. To protect the pipe threads, one end of the pipe is covered by a plastic cap and the other end by an M. S. socket. For proper identification, every meter of pipe carries the Sai Tubes trademark.

Quality :
“Quality is based on customer’s perceptions of a products design and how well the design matches the original specifications.”

At Sai Tubes, the concept of total quality control is an integral part of the manufacturing process. To ensure better performance, men and machines are properly harnessed from the raw material stage, production stage and until the goods are dispatched. We are well equipped with a modern metallurgical laboratory and employ sophisticated test techniques. Stage inspection is carried out to ensure proper surface finish, weld, correct diameter, wall thickness, length, and weight. Before galvanizing and threading, each and every pipe is subject to critical testing to ensure against any leakage. Based on random sampling, the final product is subject to critical testing to ensure that the weld, tensile and compressive strength meet the required standards. This severe quality control results in a product that has longer life, maximum strength, protection against corrosion and mess free service.

Customer’s satisfaction is our main motto. We continuously strive to improve our products and our services to satisfy our customers because we believe “Quality is remembered forever”. TMT Bars have better properties than conventional CTD bars, such as :
  • Better earthquake resistance
  • Better corrosion resistance
  • Better heat resistance

Sai Tubes Industries :
Sai Tubes Industries was founded in 1986 as a small scale Industry to manufacture M.S. Pipe/Tubes/Hollow Sections.

Now after 20 years it stands on solid foundation of skill, enterprise & quality. Our industry is perfect example of technology to manufacture wide range of steel Pipe/Tubes/Hollow profiles to serve a variety of needs.

Sai tubes Industries is on a strict quality control system. All our products are carefully tested at various stages of manufacturing process to meet standard of quality. The heads of the process and quality control department report directly to the management in order to maintain the highest level of the quality vigilance.

Sai tubes Industries manufacture of M.S. Pipe/Tubes and Hollow sections using latest technology at a modern plant. Hollow profiles have wide application in Industries, construction industry, Furniture and as well as domestic applications. Monga Steel Pipe Industries also undertakes custom-made designing in accordance with customers’ specifications.